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About Us

Pickleball Farm is a non-profit 501c3 organization located in Fauquier County, Virginia founded in June 2020 by J (Gizmo) and Laine Hall.   J and Laine purchased the property and moved to Fauquier County with their two children in December 2018.


Our goal here at Pickleball Farm is to provide the youth and families of our communities the opportunity to learn where our food comes from, how to garden, learn how to fish, learn how to play pickleball and ultimately provide motivational speaking to the kids to help keep them on the right path.  Prior to COVID closures, Gizmo had started to introduce pickleball to the middle schools of Prince William County VA (where he grew up.)  One of our ultimate goals is to get pickleball introduced to every school in Northern Virginia and eventually all of Virginia.

We have expanded our reach and have now started entering into the Juvenile Detention System! Site visits, teaching the kids how to play pickleball, speaking to the kids, and just being a role/model mentor for those who need it most.    

Also visit to see more of Gizmo's day to day activities! 

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